The Friends of St Mary's Church, Newport, Essex

              Supporting St. Mary the Virgin, Newport since 2000


2020 Quinquennial Review & Decorating Fund

Estimates are net of recoverable VAT and include professional fees


Clerestory windows

and masonry project                       92,531


Tower roof repairs                                      30,000


Plaster repair and redecorate

whole church                                             108,600


South transept roof                                    23,000


Nave and transept gutters                           7,475


Walls maintenance - external                   10,545


Wall repairs - internal                                22,425


Chancel Damp work                                     8,625


Belfry                                                             20,010


Gutters and drainage                              450


Tower rainwater goods                                3,392


Other windows                                             14,834


Monuments and tombs                                 3,105


South porch                                                    1,380


Other items - approx                                    3,658


Grand Total                    £354,000


It won’t be possible to do the decorating until high level work, for example on the clerestory Tudor windows, is done and the damp sorted out. A windows project is in hand and substantial funding raised


After that the decorating and plaster repairs can be done in phases as the funds are raised.  So the church has started a decoration fund to raise money over several years, which is being administered by The Friends.


Other restoration work on the church can be supported by grants but pure decorating cannot.  And there is no VAT recovery.  


As at August 2020 the Decorating fund was £21,160

We need to raise about £354,000  based on the architect's estimates.  


For the repair and conservation of the Victorian glass and Tudor stonework nave clerestory windows the cost shown is as tendered and costed

Window ledge comp Steve face away comp Cross comp Phil  comp

Decorating Plan