The Friends of St Mary's Church, Newport, Essex

              Supporting St. Mary the Virgin, Newport since 2000



The Friends gave financial support to the PCC for the new heating system and made

applications to grant giving bodies for work identified as urgent in the Quinquennial Report. Payments totalling £57,926 were made to the PCC:


- £7,201 and £2,099 for architects fees for review of the Quinquennial Report and the Statement of Needs and related proposals, and work on the heating, organ, and review of the clerestory windows.


- £435 towards the noticeboard repair.


- £2,674 for a heating engineer and £44,517 towards the heating itself


- £1,000 towards the new organ  



The big success of 2010 was The Friends successful application to English Heritage and the Heritage Lottery Fund for support for repairs to the chancel and transept roofs, the stairs to the priest’s room and some crumbling buttresses. The grant offer was £115,000 towards investigation and conservation work estimated at £194,000.



The vestry woodwork was rebuilt following the heating installation and the chancel floor was restored (to replace concrete slabs with tiles to match the Victorian originals).  


The Friends obtained grants totalling £9,979 to cover the cost of this; from Essex Environment Trust (£5,729), Viridor (£2,250) and Stansted Airport Community Trust Fund (£2,000).


And we donated £2,340 to the PCC to pay for the Structural Engineer working on the project development for the chancel roof and other work

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